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Our experts have been working in welfare benefits for over 30 years and have completed thousands of claim forms and attended hundreds of benefit appeal Tribunals. It always make sense to get guidance on completing a claim form because an accurate and well completed claim pack makes it much harder for a decision maker to refuse your claim. The good news is that we are sharing our expertise with YOU.

And unlike other websites you don't have to pay an annual subscription or membership fee before you can get access to the information you need to make your claim. Just choose what you need and pay to download only what you need.

These are ACTUAL claim forms for Employment Support Allowance (ESA), DLA and Attendance Allowance that were submitted to the DWP and resulted in a successful outcome. Of course we have removed all personal details and PLEASE NOTE that each form is intended as a guide only and MUST NOT be used as a template for your claim form. Your form must reflect your own personal circumstances.

If you've been turned down before, that doesn't mean you won't succeed if you try again with our support.

Sample Claim Forms

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Download sample forms to help you understand the complicated ESA, PIP and Attendance Allowance claim forms

"I used your sample for ESA for CFS and was awarded it for 2 Years." E.M.

Claiming benefits usually involves completing a lengthy claim form. The answers you give go a long way to deciding if you get the benefit but there may be a face to face assessment before the decision is made. It is vital to get the form right and worded in the correct way. A Tribunal Judge recently wrote in his explanation for a decision: "In the claim pack Mr B did not reply to the question asking him how far he can normally walk." Need we say more?

       Sample PIP Forms

       Sample ESA Forms

       Attendance Allowance Forms

       Sample DLA Forms

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I just wanted to take some time out and thank all of you for your help, support and understanding in winning both my cases for DLA and ESA. I don't know where I would have been without you!