Do you need help with a benefit check?

A National Audit Office (NAO) report identified that more than a fifth of the decisions that the DWP makes each day contain errors. The NAO's view was that the level of errors leads to 'reputational risk' and a loss of public trust in the benefits system.

If you have received a decision on benefit entitlement can you be sure that it is correct? With all this uncertainty over the DWP's ability to correctly pay benefits how can anyone be certain they aren't missing out?

Your decision could be one of the "fifth" of incorrect decisions issued by the DWP!

You really could be missing out and we are happy to offer you a totally FREE no obligation benefit check.

We are NOT connected with any Government Department and this service is independent and totally confidential. We do not "sell" your details or your address to anyone.

The Process

    Please complete the first questionnaire one for each person in your household. You only need to add your name to each questionnaire completed after the first one.

    Then complete a questionnaire for each person in your household that has an illness or disability.

    For the first questionnaire click here.

    Aged under 65 click here

    Aged 65 and over click here

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Download sample forms to help you understand the complicated ESA, PIP and Attendance Allowance claim forms

"I used your sample for ESA for CFS and was awarded it for 2 Years." E.M.

Claiming benefits usually involves completing a lengthy claim form. The answers you give go a long way to deciding if you get the benefit but there may be a face to face assessment before the decision is made. It is vital to get the form right and worded in the correct way. A Tribunal Judge recently wrote in his explanation for a decision: "In the claim pack Mr B did not reply to the question asking him how far he can normally walk." Need we say more?

Click here to view the available sample forms

download booklet

I just wanted to take some time out and thank all of you for your help, support and understanding in winning both my cases for DLA and ESA. I don't know where I would have been without you!